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Plantweb™ Gamma Application of insight safety valve monitoring
Mar 18, 2020

Use scenario - safety valve monitoring in petrochemical industry

In the daily production and operation process, the safety valve protection equipment process plays a crucial role. Because most of the safety valves are installed at a high place and it is difficult to locate the fault position accurately when the take-off occurs, which leads to huge energy loss and environmental problems.

With the strict implementation of gb31571-2015 environmental protection laws and regulations, previously relying on manual inspection, data lag and data preservation and other issues exposed, how to quickly and economically help petrochemical enterprises to achieve operational goals?

Rosemount Gamma 708 wireless acoustic transmitter - the deployment of convenient non-invasive wireless acoustic detection technology can quickly locate the discharge or leakage position in the pipe network, effectively detect the action and leakage status of the safety valve, reduce the discharge and achieve environmental compliance;

Rosemount Gamma 1402 wireless gateway - access through MODBUS RS485 or Modbus TCP / IP, transmit data to DCS system to complete status, alarm, trend and report, etc.; and connect PlantWeb through Ethernet TCP / IP Gamma Insight, check the working status, alarm, trend and report of safety valve, realize alarm setting and analysis;

Plantweb Gamma Insight software application - real time monitoring of safety valve status, built-in expert algorithm data and analysis can effectively calculate the relief take-off time and discharge of safety valve, and estimate the economic and environmental impact of safety valve failure or discharge.

After using the non-invasive online monitoring scheme, the safety valve can be found to take off in time, and the results of safety valve monitoring can be systematically and real-time managed to effectively reduce the abnormal discharge of the device, significantly reduce the workload of on-site inspection, and eliminate the potential safety risks of on-site inspection in time.

A kind of Visual analysis software platform provides strategic interpretation and monitoring of plant equipment assets;

A kind of Obtain operational information and insights related to time, such as plant abnormal status, asset status, asset health, energy cost, emission loss, etc;

A kind of Seamless system integration, simple installation, minimal configuration or setup, independent of host system or history library;

A kind of Preset analysis based on decades of process and industry experience;

A kind of User friendly design and user test interface to achieve consistent and intuitive navigation.