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Plantweb​ Gamma New online corrosion application in ecosystem
Mar 11, 2020

Emerson PlantWeb Gamma Insight online corrosion application can deeply understand key performance indicators of equipment assets, assist customers to determine maintenance priorities, make informed Asset Integrity decisions, and improve employee safety.

Recently, Emerson launched PlantWeb Gamma Insight's online corrosion application provides the oil and gas industry with real-time interpretation and analysis of key data to determine maintenance priorities and make informed Asset Integrity decisions.

Plantweb Gamma Insight online corrosion application provides on-site data through Roxar wireless corrosion transmitter, so as to provide relevant personnel with valuable insights on instrument operation and process corrosion, as well as alarms such as severe corrosion, resistance (ER) wave guide rod life, battery power shortage, etc. according to preset thresholds. The instrument panel is easy to read, and it can display the intuitionistic heat map and the level corrosive intelligent information based on NACE standard.

Plantweb Gamma Insight online corrosion application is based on the industrial Internet of things (iiot), which can be seamlessly integrated into the existing wireless infrastructure, providing on-site data every 15 minutes, helping operators to remotely understand the changes of equipment, reducing on-site manual inspection, so as to avoid staff entering the dangerous area to work.

Plantweb Gamma Insight online corrosion application is Emerson PlantWeb, which is scalable and safe Gamma Part of the digital ecosystem portfolio of transformational technologies, software, and services that drive operational excellence by improving the insights of those involved. Plantweb Gamma Insight application can be easily integrated with all kinds of wireless Hart ® instruments and remote field sensors, combining the continuous real-time data obtained by Emerson universal measurement technology with predictive analysis, providing maintainers and operators with the latest operational process information location, so as to improve reliability, safety, production efficiency and energy management.