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ABB 800xA Select I/O Launches IS Intrinsically Safe Series And Optical Fiber Communication Function
Jan 07, 2021


ABB Ability™ System 800xASelect I/O has announced to launched IS intrinsically safe series and optical fiber communication functions, the enhanced optical fiber communication functions and SCM modules suitable for IS intrinsic safety and functional safety.

Select IO is a single-channel I/O system that is suitable for process and safety applications that communicate with the system through a redundant industrial Ethernet I/O network., which will make automation projects farewell to cost overruns and construction delays.

In order to better support the standardization of I/O cabinets, the Select I/O enhanced version is now compatible to version 6.1 of System 800xA, including new intrinsically safe (IS) signal conditioning modules (SCMs) for SIL3 process control safety applications, high current analog input (1.2 A) SIL3 single-channel module and single-mode optical fiber Ethernet adapter for Ethernet FCI.

In order to support these new additional functions, It's need to install the control software AC800M 6.1.0-2roll-up of the 800xAV6.1.0.1 system.