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Official Release Of ABB Freelance 2019SP1
Jun 04, 2020


ABB officially release of ABB Freelance 2019SP1 with significantly improvement in scalability, usability, connectivity, compatibility and security. Main release functions including:

1. Extended user management

Group name can be freely defined: You can now freely define the Windows permission groups required by each Freelance permission management without using the default name. In addition, user management supports Windows Domain.

2. Freelance operator station improves user interface and operation

Trend display can customize the width of the curve

Wildcards are supported in the display explorer, making it easy to find names

Optimized alarm color

3. Profibus communication interface module optimization

CI773F and CI930F use the new Profibus protocol stack, and its redundancy performance has been improved.

4. Engineering project program can be run directly

After updating from Freelance 2019 to Freelance 2019 SP1, the engineering project program can be run directly without updating via CSV.