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Rosemount Discontinue 0065 RTD And 0185 Thermocouple
Apr 14, 2022

0065 RTD temperature sensor and 0185 thermocouple sensor , and related to 96 series thermowell served more than 20 years, It gives accurate and high performance for temperature measurement and serves more than 5 million units around the world. However, in order to embedded the latest technology of material, semiconductor, communication and electrical into the latest temperature measurement, Roemount announces to discontinue traditional temperature products as:

l   0065 series RTD temperature sensor

l   0185 series thermocouple sensor

l   96 series thermowell

l   0078 series temperature sensor.


The replacement successor series would be 214C series temperature sensor and 114C series thermowell. 214C High accuracy resistance temperature detectors (RTD) and various thermocouple types offered in variety of element configurations, Calibration capabilities for increased measurement accuracy for RTDs. 114C thermowell offers wide variety of industry standard process connections including flanged, threaded, welded, and Van Stone,large selection of thermowell materials to ensure proper process compatibility from stainless steel to exotic materials such as duplex and alloy C-276, and additional thermowell options and certificates available.

However, for some special type of Rosemount 0065 series RTD temperature sensor and 0185 series thermocouple sensor which not able to complete to be replaced by new Rosemount 214C series, for example to 0815 thermocouple type N series, it's still able to be ordered as special order.