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Remote expert service for valve monitoring
Mar 06, 2020

Petrochemical manufacturers began to monitor the condition of more than 100 Valves a year ago. By associating the dynamic diagnosis data with the valve health briefing sent to the factory every month, the passive maintenance and planned maintenance are transformed into the active maintenance based on status, so as to avoid unnecessary valve disassembly tasks during the overhaul.

Predictive diagnosis helps to prioritize valve performance during an outage. Purchase spare parts in advance to prepare for on-site maintenance.

The valve status monitoring report divides the valve into three different priorities. The first priority is the main affected valve in the production process. Priorities are often added to deal with valves with "data exceptions," and the existing configuration of these valves is usually reviewed first.

The main challenge for the plant is the high cost of raw materials and frequent parking. Faced with the high cost of materials, there is no profit in the production of petrochemical products, so the factory will often stop. "We are very good at driving now," joked the plant's speaker

Emerson business partners spent 18 months persuading the management to try to use the valve condition monitoring service, and through predictive diagnosis, they found that the whole plant was shut down due to valve rod fracture. When the management saw the monitoring effect, they used the remote expert service of valve monitoring with the idea of trying. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the upcoming overhaul service, the business partner first determines the work priority through predictive diagnosis, and purchases relevant spare parts in advance.

The specific operations to be carried out include the abnormal range of throttle valve, which needs to be adjusted; the I / P converter of positioner has problems, which will affect the expected valve position of the control system; the valve is not closed properly, which needs to provide the tight closing required by the process.

Knowing the basic condition of the valve in advance greatly improves the working efficiency of the field maintenance personnel, ensures that they concentrate on dealing with difficult problems during the overhaul period, saves valuable parking time and reduces the workload.

Through this overhaul service for 100 + valves, more than 40% of the valves do not need to be repaired, and about 60% of the valves need to be maintained (including minor overhaul to overhaul). Compared with the previous overhauls, the time required to perform the overhauls can be estimated more accurately and the procurement of spare parts is reduced by four times. Another key is to enhance the practice of condition based valve maintenance method.

Looking forward to the future, enterprises will pay more attention to valve optimization and valve performance, so as to improve reliability, production output and energy management in petrochemical production process.